ArchEd Group

Delivering inspiring and collaborative education projects through professional, visionary and trusted methodology.

Our Vision

To deliver sector-leading educational projects globally by offering ongoing educational support for existing schools and delivering new schools to global markets.

Our projects will be sustainable, demonstrate flexibility in changing markets while offering strong opportunities to investors.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

What do we do?

ArchEd Group develops quality education projects, globally.  Working closely with investors, ArchEd utilises its wealth of knowledge and experience to produce, develop and manage educational projects for various age groups in a variety of formats.

Key focus areas;

Development of New Build Schools

AEG understands and believes that new-build schools remain to be in demand. New build schools within AEG’s context, includes brownfield and greenfield locations, with those locations needing a significant uptake of services provided by AEG to bring such projects into reality. The AEG management team have the ability to undertake a variety of new-build projects, with the team being able to ideate and incept projects in a variety of concepts. 

Acquisition and Enhancement of Existing Schools

Through AEG’s research, this area is believed to be a growth sector for future projects, with existing schools becoming increasingly available for acquisition, which brings forward new opportunities. AEG believes that opportunities can arise with re-assessing existing school business plans, design and curricula to realign schools for changing market dynamics. Working closely with investors, AEG’s services will identify available opportunities and areas of development and change to define these existing business plans. Additionally, AEG’s breadth of knowledge allows services also to be offered to existing schools who require some development work, without the need for an acquisition to take place. 

Ongoing Performance Management

Through its services, AEG can work with existing school business plans to develop performance management tasks and outcomes to enhance a schools future. Using our range of services, AEG can tailor these specifically to the needs of each project. 

Our focus areas will incorporate diverse projects.

Our aim is to deliver quality education regardless of setting or delivery.

“An investment in education is an investment in our future”



Structuring of investment within projects is critical.  Using sector leading experience, ArchEd works with investors to develop financing structures that are suitable and sustainable for projects and meet investor requirements. ArchEd will also assist in locating equity and debt funding for projects.

ArchEd uses cutting edge financial modelling techniques to assess all educational projects to ensure that all aspects of a project’s aspirations are fully reflected in a deliverable proposal. Initially this review can be by way of a project appraisal effected through a feasibility study, followed by a detailed financial model and business / strategic plans.

Ongoing monitoring of budgets and actual performance, combined with other services discussed below, allow ArchEd to provide consultancy and recommendations as an ongoing professional service to its clients, to ensure that the school can maximise its performance, in terms of the quality of education provided whilst also providing an acceptable return to investors.

Ensuring that all schools as performing educationally is at the core of ArchEd’s delivery model. 

ArchEd’s educational services can assist projects through;

  • Curriculum creation
  • Assessment of current educational provision and recommendations
  • Curricula recommendations, including systems and nationalities
  • Creation, overview and advise on policies and procedures
  • Workforce planning structures and recommendations
  • Timetabling and scheduling

Project delivery, irrespective of the task set, is critical for success.

ArchEd values itself on delivering projects within agreed time-frames, on budget and successfully.

To facilitate success, ArchEd utilises;

  • Develop, agree and manage clear client brief
  • Collaborative stakeholder engagement process
  • Implement and control cost and change management
  • Experienced global network of consultants with relevant local knowledge
  • Transparent, focused and regular reporting structure

                  “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing”

Aspects of projects require new, remodeled or appraisal of structures and facilities. Drawing on decades of experience, the ArchEd team can advise and manage aspects of the design and construction process. 

Key aspects of this business area are;

  • Project brief development
  • Implementation and management of education design team professionals
  • Project programme, cost and design management
  • Procurement and contract advice
  • Construction management
  • Full co-ordination of all stakeholders and supply chain to deliver the school on time with the education partner
  • Post occupation evaluation and management to ensure on-going performance of the school

All projects are founded in robust market research. Initial project work is highly focused on understand markets historically, currently and in times ahead.  Research methods used are broad and strategically chosen to deliver the best input to a project.  

Methods can include;

  • Mystery shopping and surveys
  • Market research reports
  • Individual and group interviews
  • Qualitive and quantative reports, drawn from multiple sources for validity
  • Data analysis

Administrative tasks for educational projects can vary dramatically.  ArchEd fully appraises projects to assure investors successful and sustainable projects.

ArchEd’s capacity includes operational support for projects; though this support ArchEd has the maximum impact possible to the success of a project, drawn from its expertise.

Administrative areas include;

  • Operational support
  • Human Resources support, recommendation and analysis
  • Information Technology support, recommendation and analysis

School Brands

International Schools Market

ArchEd recognises that as the international education market grows, some educational projects require associations with school brands.

Through our experience, ArchEd has links with key brands from;

Applying brands to projects ArchEd will assess key areas;

  • Brand suitability
  • Market research
  • Project sustainability
  • Brand impact
  • Curricula